Recovery after cyber attack

Bizway ensures that you are operational again as soon as possible.

Our approach

We set up an emergency IT environment

Your organization has been hit by a cyber attack and all IT is down. Bizway will ensure that you can get back to work as soon as possible. First, we map out the necessary business processes. What is the minimum you need to keep things running? Think of applications, websites, servers, etc. We set priorities: business continuity is our primary concern, archives can come later.

Within a day, we build an emergency environment that allows you to safely carry out your essential processes again.

We rebuild your IT infrastructure, but safe

Once the emergency environment is in place, we immediately start building a new environment based on our high security standards. Step by step, we replace emergency resources with sustainable solutions.

After a few weeks, your organization can perform its primary processes in the new environment. How long it will take for your IT environment to be completely recovered depends on the complexity of the environment. If the recovery is not complete within a few months, the recovered environment will be delivered in phases.

We conclude a short-term agreement for the emergency environment and rebuilding. Once your IT is back in order, we will re‑evaluate.



Who else do you need?

Initial inventory

If you have been hit by a cyber attack, you should assess the damage as soon as possible. Together with a forensic company (see below: 'Finding and fixing the leak'), you perform a penetration test. This will reveal vulnerabilities in the current environment and give initial recommendations for the approach. Based on this information, Bizway can get started. This penetration test is also important for parties such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) and the police.

When someone else has penetrated your organization's IT, there is a data breach. You are required to report this breach to the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours. The people whose data has been leaked must also be informed (e.g. customers, suppliers and employees). Let them know that you are taking steps to prevent as much damage as possible. The forensic company will help you with this.

Filing a report

Always file a report of the data breach with a digital coordinator of the police, so they can search for the perpetrator. Find out here what steps you can take to preserve evidence.

Finding and fixing the leak

A forensic investigation is needed to find the leak in your IT security. Bizway does not do this, but quickly coordinates with parties that do. For example, the incident-response team of our sister company NFIR is available 24/7 to quickly map out the content and scope of a cyber attack. They then secure relevant digital traces and investigate the root cause of the attack. We will gladly put you in touch with them.

NFIR's forensic investigation (or that of a similar party) runs parallel to Bizway's emergency environment and rebuilding. While they investigate the old environment, we ensure that business operations can continue.

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